Gynexin review

It can be very humiliating for a man to have a chest resembling that of a woman’s. He has to hide his breasts under baggy clothes and skip going to the beach with everyone to keep his secret intact. Fortunately, there are some supplements for the problem available these days. The following is a brief Gynexin review.

This is an orally-taken product which claims to provide males with breasts the solution they’re looking for. A pill should be taken in the morning as well as in the evening. But up to 4 pills may be taken in a day. The manufacturer states that the pill has to be downed with a large glass of water. Also, plenty of water should be consumed throughout the day.

A proprietary blend of ingredients helps in targeting the fatty cells found in the chest. Most of the time, males with breasts also got excess fat layers in the belly area, around the waist and in other parts of the body too. It’s not unlikely for the ingredients to zoom in on these areas as well. By reducing the size and the amount of these fatty cells, one can eliminate his protruding chest, resulting in a manly physique.

Sodium picolinate is one of the ingredients used. This kind of mineral is also often used by many other fat burning supplements. It helps increase the energy by regulating the insulin function. The product also uses a combination of green tea and caffeine. According to studies, this dynamic duo is suited for overweight people as they increase the metabolism.

The metabolism can also be increased by guggulsterones because they stimulate the thyroid gland. Another ingredient is around which works like caffeine, but milder, and it’s called theobromine cacao. This promotes diuresis or the loss of water through increased urination. Derived from a type of sage, sclareolides are also used by many fat burning supplements.

Some males you can find in forum sites claim that results were noted in just 3 to 6 weeks of regular product intake. But the manufacturer says that one has to take it for 4 to 6 months to see dramatic effects. Obviously, this product isn’t an overnight fix, unlike having a surgery.

However, many find Gynexin a more viable solution to their unflattering chest. It’s cheaper than undergoing the knife. One can also spare himself from the embarrassment of consulting a doctor about the problem. Further, this approach is pain-free, won’t leave permanent scars and involves none of the risks associated with having surgery.

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